Belgium Contacts database [2020-07-01]

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About country: 

Located in western Europe, Belgium has about 40 mi of seacoast on the North Sea, at the Strait of Dover, and is approximately the size of Maryland. The Meuse and the Schelde, Belgium's principal rivers, are important commercial arteries.

Database stats (updated 2020-07-01): 

Field Count
Name 2'908'029
Address 2'908'029
E-mail 779'064
Postal code 1'068'656
Fax 264'770
Webpage 424'744
City 460'691
Activity 1'051'379
Province 409'403
Municipality 403'220
Phone 1'139'464
VAT code 203'452
Reg. date 222'646
Number of employee 34'746
Mobile phone 7'479
Reg. code 96'307

Are the emails, specified in the databases, active?

We automatically check e-mail relevance each month and the system excludes any inactive ones from the database.

I have paid for the services, when will I receive the database?

The system will automatically generate database files after the payment is received and sends you a download link via email.

How old are the databases?

Open source internet data is updated each month.

Where are companies catalogues collected from?

Business catalogues are collected from publicly available sources (internet websites, search systems, catalogues of the companies and other). We collect data only of active companies – the companies that publish their data in internet. If the company publish false information about itself we are not responsible for this.